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RG40 3RG
Tel: (0118) 973 2678
Fax: 0118 973 3689
24 Hr Emergency: 111 (NHS 111)

New Patients

How to Register

To register as a patient at the Practice, please check that you are within our Practice area by calling the surgery. Once this is confirmed you will need to download and fill in a Registration Form AND provide proof of identity (photo identification) AND address. These must be brought to the surgery in person.

Examples of Proof of Address:

  • Utility Bill (i.e. Gas, Electricity, Phone bill)
  • Bank Statements
    NOTE: We do not accept mobile phone bills as a proof of address

Examples of Proof of Identity:

  • Passport
  • Photo Driving License
  • People registering from abroad will need to bring all paperwork with them.

Please complete a registration form for each person registering with the Practice.

Read our Registration Regulations for further information.

New Patient Questionnaire and Basic Health Check

All newly registered patients are requested to complete a ‘new patient questionnaire’ which enquires about your past and current health. This helps us establish an immediate brief medical history for you before we receive your full medical records from your previous practice via Thames Valley Primary Care Agency (TVPCA), which can take up to several weeks.

We ask that new patients also make an appointment with a practice nurse to attend a ‘basic health check’. This applies for all patients, including children 5 and above, and helps us establish general health and lifestyle information about you.

Temporary Residents

If a visitor to your home needs to see a doctor, you may make arrangements for them to be seen at the surgery on a temporary basis.

Temporary residents can be registered with the surgery for up to 15 days or, if they are staying longer, up to three months but we would request they only register with the surgery at the time they need to make an appointment.

Change of Address or Personal Details

It is vital that we have your most up-to-date personal information. If you and/or your family have changed name, address or contact telephone number you must inform the surgery as soon as possible.

Moving residence outside the surgery area

Every general practice has a defined population that it provides primary care services to. If you move outside The Finchampstead Surgery area we will no longer be able to provide those services to you. You must inform the surgery of your change of address and register with your new local practice immediately. Your continuity of care may be affected if you do not re-register as certain services such as home visits, community nursing, dispensing and out of hours are provided appropriate to where you live. Our receptionists will be happy to advise you as to whether your new address remains within our Practice boundary.

Preferred GP

For the purpose of patient care continuity the surgery prefers to run an internal list for each doctor and this is referred to as a ‘preferred GP’. The surgery requests that patients remain with their preferred GP unless there are acceptable reasons why they wish to change. 

We also prefer to keep spouses, partners and any children/dependants or carers with the same doctor, so your GP has a holistic overview of your immediate families’ health. An individual’s right to confidentiality is always strictly adhered to and a doctor will not disclose your medical information with anyone else, including your spouse/partner, unless they have your specific written consent to do so. 

Very occasionally your preferred GP may not be available at the time you have requested an appointment, so it may therefore be necessary to offer you an appointment with one of the other doctors or a nurse instead.

You have the right to express a preference of GP and if you wish to do so you should make this known in writing to the business manager. Every effort will be made to allocate patients to the GP of their choice, however this may not always be possible but you may request an explanation for any decision taken.