Finchampstead COVID Update 18/02/2021

We have started to use the accuRx system to send texts to our patients enabling you to book directly into a vaccination clinic.

This has been working very well this week and is saving a lot of manpower hours.


Please be advised that the Covid Clinic being held in the afternoon of 27th February is being held at Swallowfield Parish Hall – if you get a text and book into this clinic the reply will confirm your booking but state it is at Finchampstead. We apologise for this error and it is being looked into.
The clinic on the 27th is for the Pfizer vaccine and is being held at Swallowfield.

Please do continue to book at a HUB, the Reading HUB has now been confirmed as the Madejski Stadium. The HUBS are able to give you appointments for both your first and second vaccine.
If you have a vaccine by us, we will contact you to book your second one. We are not having delivery dates confirmed so cannot book the second but we will get back to you within the recommended time frame.

If you have not given us your mobile number please can you do this via the website.

Please do not call us.

Thank you.